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Meet Milka Marin, our strong-willed designer

Our tenth fashion and textile design student from the department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - University of Ljubljana is the delightful designer Milka Marin from the Slovenian capital city. We spend 2 very enjoyable days with her here at BIG BERRY Kolpa River.

Milka is a 22 years-old fashion and textile designer who has a uncommon passion: Serbian folklore dance. It has been 10 years now she started to dance. It became a true passion and source of inspiration even more now that she has her own group and teaching it.

She decided to study fashion and textile design at an early age. It’s something that came naturally to her so she made everything possible in order to accomplish her dreams. Milka likes the idea of working with people and making new things with her hands.

In the future, with her 2 sisters, they have planned to start their own business in design not just fashion design. Milka is a very determined woman and designer. She will make everything possible to reach all of the goals in her life.

As a fashion designer, pressure is part of the job. Anyway, Milka is always trying to find peace, to find the power to say her opinions and to do what she likes above all!

We hope that she enjoyed designing in the middle of this beautiful and peaceful nature in BIG BERRY as much as we are pleased for having her with us.

Milka Marin 2nd picture 

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