Luxury of freedom


Meet Kristina, the content angel at BIG BERRY

She is a true cinephile which also allowed her to write her thesis on perception of cultures and nationalities across EU. Kristina is finishing her Media Culture MA studies at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek in Croatia. which she loves endlessly.

"Meeting new people from across different cultures is something I have always been interested at."

BIG BERRY gives her the chance to improve her skills in marketing and PR but also opportunity to reconnect with her roots in the serenity of a beautiful nature.

Morning cigarette with a black coffee and jazz music playing in the background is the embodiment of a perfect morning for her. 

Active physical life, reading short stories from Croatian author Krešimir Pintarić, and traveling to distant undiscovered corners of Europe are on top of her to do list.