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Meet Katarina, final designer of BB Design Year project 2018


Katarina Čaks is an architect at Medprostor and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, who joined our BB Design Year Project along with her students to create future BB elements for our resort. Speaking about her profession, Katarina told us that it’s important to have a vision of every project, but also be aware that it could change completely. As life, architecture represents a process of continuous development and she enjoys to see the end result of her efforts. What first seems as one idea that needs to be realised, grows into a complex puzzle and not a single piece from the box can get lost. This reminds us very much of our beloved BIG BERRY. During the last three years our initial idea evolved to a BIG concept and our story is still growing - one BERRY at a time.

‘’I love helping students expressing their ideas.’’

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The enjoyment of solving architectural problems is something Katarina’s students also share, so she sees her main task to show them how to approach every step of this procedure. They are given a lot of freedom in their studies, which will show every single one of them how to introspect without fear. To face doubt but also learn how to deal with it and develop as a future architect but also as a person. For Katarina, books and movies played a big part in the development of her personality. She described the German drama ‘’Wings of Desire’’ by Wim Wenders as a beautiful mixture of literal and visual poetry and she always comes back to it once in a while. We hope that Katarina will come back to our resort too, which she described as a beautiful place at the edge of Slovenia.

‘’In architecture you need to see the potential in every place.’’

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After seeing BIG BERRY for the first time, the Architecture students along with Katarina saw the potential for a future BB Pavilion, which will be partly on water and a multifunctional BB Breakfast basket. We are more than thankful and if we imagine that life consists of many puzzle solving adventures, we can truly say that Katarina and her students were the final pieces to complete our amazing BB Design Year Project.