Luxury of freedom


Meet Katarina Bilan, our imagination-catcher designer

After two groups of student designers from Zagreb and Ljubljana BIG BERRY welcomed Katarina Bilan, a professional fashion and costume designer from Split, Croatia. In the course of four days we had the opportunity to discover this sweet and smiling designer here at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River for Fashion Design Project.

Katarina Bilan is young fashion and costume designer, born in the countryside of Split, in the wild and mesmerizing Dalmatian region. The creative designer has already lived many lives: she was a costume designer for numerous tv shows, films, other media projects as well as a scenographer. She even designed more than 50 costumes for a children’s ballet - which was a hard and crazy project. Katarina has been working in the field for the last ten years and she formed her own brand called Dott. where she creates small collections of eight to ten pieces of clothing with stripes, dots and monochromatic inspirations. For the last 6 years she even has even had her own shop named Krug, in Split, along with other regional talented designers.

Behind this shy but intense smile, a true passionate professional is hiding, the one who likes to make her own decisions and as well as the whole process of designing something. This whole process of working gives her inspiration. When Katarina works, the ideas are just coming in like a river flow or an illumination. She just has to catch it. All this leads to her idea of freedom: making her own decisions and organizing her life as she wants in order to fully enjoy it! She really loves designing and creating things. Her biggest dream would be to continue doing the same for the rest of her life.

Besides imagination, the most important tools for Katarina are the most simple ones: pen, meter and paper. That’s what she brought here at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River to connect even more with her surroundings and to feel the full experience of this LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

She used this valuable experience as an opportunity to make a whole new concept. Spending a few days in Bela krajina’s environment was like being home, as she lives at the countryside, but “here, it’s more relaxing. At home, I have deadlines and pressure. Here, in BIG BERRY, I can take the time to think, to contemplate. It’s simply better here!”

Her BB House was a cozy place where she was imagining and creating BB Uniforms, aprons and bags - and spending some free time in the BB Hot Tub! “Just being in the resort gives me more imagination, it’s opening my mind”.

Her stay here at the BIG BERRY was a memorable and lovely experience and we were so glad to welcome this amazing designer!

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