Luxury of freedom


Meet Karina - Our California girl

"I'm West coast born and raised. I guess most would say I'm a 'California girl'". Karina is one of the newer interns to arrive to BIG BERRY resort all the way from America. What brought her to BIG BERRY was the opportunity to work internationally, she wanted to work with different minds, and learn new business tactics. She's very excited to learn from this start-up company and to be a part of its growth. It was BIG BERRY'S mission of providing products and services that invite us all to "live better" that drew Karina to travel halfway across the globe to become a part of the team. 

Karina is currently working as a part of our content marketing team and handling social media strategies to help promote the BB brand. Unfortunately, we only have her for a few weeks longer, but that hasn't stopped Karina from adding her own spice and new ideas to the work of previous interns: "Having come into this project more than halfway through, it has been fun to watch the content grow and change through different minds, and being able to add to that shift is a privilege". As a recent college graduate, Karina has taken to heart the need to "feel free" and explore what the world has to offer. After her time here at BIG BERRY Resort, she plans on taking time to weigh her options in life; Continue traveling for a while and maybe going back to San Francisco for a time. Her heart is set on staying in the hospitality/tourism industry and after that... well, we're going to have to check back in with her in a year to find out.