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Meet Jana, the joyful baby shower expert

It is time to present our second designer from the GIG Coworking group, Jana Miklavčič! Jana is an entrepreneur event planner specialized in baby showers. She came to visit us at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with four of her colleagues from GIG Coworking to take part all together in our BB Product Design Project!

12 years ago, Jana was working at the American International School where she first got invited to a baby shower. That is where it all started: later she organized baby showers for her close friends and when she finished her studies in tourism, she wrote her diploma about the origin and the different traditions of baby showers around the world. Three years ago, when she returned to Slovenia after living in France, she wanted to do something for herself and decided to start organizing baby showers, being the only one in Slovenia to do so!

BIG BERRY People DY Jana working 1

BIG BERRY People DY Jana working 2

So far, the best project Jana has done was organizing a birthday party for 100 people. “It was a crazy ride, a pure adrenaline rush, and I was really proud of myself!”. The project was very successful – she organized a team and guided them with confidence, and the client was very satisfied! For Jana, this is the best part of her work: being out of the office organizing, planning, shopping for party decorations and creating her magical party atmosphere!

Jana came to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with her GIG Coworking colleagues, and they all decided to design something all together. Five different personalities and professions got to work together and bring their own skills and knowledge to the project. The group consisting of architects, graphic designers and an event planner, designed a multipurpose pavilion, which can be used as a space for working, weddings, birthday parties and other occasions. Jana’s event organization skills surely helped this team to design the perfect products needed for the events that celebrate LUXURY OF FREEDOM!