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Meet Ivona, our designer with a passion for nature

Continuing with our new BB Designers of August, we are proud to introduce Ivona Miloš from Croatia! Ivona is an extraordinary designer who uses design as a tool for social changes and we had the pleasure to welcome her to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to do her design magic!

Ivona’s working fields are product and graphic design, which she mastered at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb School of Design. Originally, she comes from Praputnjak, a small village near Rijeka, where she returned last year to start her current work project. Praputnjak is part of one of the flagship programs of Rijeka 2020 – European capital of culture project’s programme, and Ivona is responsible for the management of activities and development of the village.

Just like at BIG BERRY, the importance of Ivona’s job is working with the local community. Her current project with the town of Praputnjak was born from this need of helping to develop things around her. Ivona prefers not to design and produce only nice things but instead to design something that is useful, functional and that can help the community. “This is what I like the most about designing, it allows you to really think about things”, she says.

BIG BERRY People DY Ivona arriving

BIG BERRY People DY Ivona sketch

Ivona’s field of interest is quite wide, so her style depends on the context and varies between each project. The outcome always depends on a variety of factors, such as the story behind the design, what materials she uses, how to make the product a smart product and how to manage the costs. This way she always thinks her designs through like a mathematical formula: “there is always a nice combination of things that gives you the best output!”

During her stay at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, Ivona was truly in her natural environment: she always tends to be inspired by nature, and at BIG BERRY that is the best part! Ivona loves birds especially and she likes to spend peaceful time with birdwatching - she even brought her binoculars with her!

Ivona liked the context of the BB Design Year Project and the fact that new things are designed and created by various different people.  From the surrounding nature she got the first ideas for her designs: she wants to create different items for every-day use with inspiration from berries and metal, the main material used around the resort. She had great ideas for new items such as lamps, vases and bowls - we can't wait to see the final products!