Luxury of freedom


Meet Ivan, the thankful Croatian

Which personality trait makes you Croatian?

I think im speaking very slow, I think that is common for people from my region. People in Slavonia are like in Bela krajina, calm, relaxed and they take life as it is, going with the flow.

What TV character do you relate the most to?

Chandler from Friends because I also like to be very sarcastic, I adore that. Also, when he is insecure he starts to talk a lot, that’s something I do too

If you could choose any job, what would it be?

Teacher on a very high salary. I like to share knowledge, and I like when people look up to me with sparkly eyes and they know my knowledge will help them

The best adventure I’ve had was...

A spontaneous trip to Budapest. A friend of mine said “lets go to Budapest” and few hours later we were on a train. We spent a very adventurous weekend there! Spontanious, no plan and very enjoyable

Your favorite joke:

when someone who owes you money goes on vacation 30718675
A quote from you:

“Believe in yourself”

How has your experience at BIG BERRY been so far?



No, thank YOU.