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Meet Hang, Youtube lover and marketing artist

Born and raised in Vietnam with a passion for Chinese culture and entrepreneur spirit, Hang is an essential team member at BIG BERRY Lifestyle Resort. Her main focus is on the videos you may watch on our Youtube channel.

Previously working in a fast paced environment of a marketing company has nurtured her sense of responsibility and discipline — traits that have helped us many times, whenever we needed to shoot a reportage from excursion to one of our partners or a surprise video to our dear friend Vita who has recently celebrated her birthday with us in the Resort.

Hang's values have changed when she left Vietnam and moved to Finland to study Marketing strategy at Aalto University. What might take some people years, one or two middle-aged crisis, she was fortunate enough to realize quite early. To be sure, this was in part of her warm and mature personality. 

She now knows that career driven life is not her cup of tea. Pursuing balanced life with goal of retiring soon and settling in a smaller village, where she could grow her own vegetables, sprout mongo beans and that is the direction where Hang is heading. "When I was moving to Finland I also brought with me 1 kilogram of seeds of vegetables so that I could grow them over there.”

Hang hopes to discover more of China - a country and culture she feels very passionate about. We are excited for her future adventures and wish her all the best on her life journey.

Picture by Vit Gromes