Luxury of freedom


Meet Eva Lipnik, our creative and poetic textile designer

Our sixth fashion and textile designer Eva Lipnik is a student from the department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering - University of Ljubljana. During her 3 days at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River, along with her 9 classmates, she has created some amazing textiles to reflect the LUXURY OF FREEDOM.

Currently living in Ljubljana, this charming young designer will finish her studies in less than one month. It was the perfect opportunity to come to BIG BERRY and gain professional experience before immersing herself into the professional world. At 23, she already has quite an atypical university career. She studied mathematics at first but she dropped out during the first year. The reason? ‘It wasn’t me!’. Creative, passionate, she is always trying to be free and not just sit down and learn things that others discovered. She needs to create on her own.

Eva considers herself more as a textile designer than a fashion designer. Colors, patterns, materials, all of what forms textile design is a way to express herself and gives her opportunities to discover and create in any field (clothes, bags, interior design, etc.). She gets inspired by nature, relaxing places and even poetry books. Eva is also an opportunity grabber, that makes her very adaptive and versatile. For instance, 2 weeks before coming to BIG BERRY, she got her sailboat license! She also developing skills in 3D designing.

We have been very enchanted to have the future creative designer Eva in BIG BERRY.

 Eva Lipnik 2nd picture

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