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Meet Ena, our socially aware designer

Continuing with our creative designers of August, it is time to introduce our new BB product designer, Ena Priselec! Ena is a product and graphic designer from Croatia who creates socially aware design and holds workshop with educative, inclusive and socially aware character.

Ena comes from Rijeka and finished MA studies in the Design Department in Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. She has worked in design for several years – as a freelancer in product design and currently in graphic design. She has an impressive portfolio with work from many design branches, from inclusive design and photography to design research. Apart from designing, she finds it very important to share her knowledge by organizing various workshops.

The red line in all Ena’s work is the interest for people, their way of living and the environment. She really loves working with people and does mainly participatory design: “for me it’s important to have a connection directly through experience with the user”. This same idea can be found in the BB Design Year project: our approach is to give our designers the full BIG BERRY experience, for them to soak up in the atmosphere of the resort that they will be designing their items for!

BIG BERRY People DY Ena working

BIG BERRY People DY Ena sketch

One of the most important experience that Ena has had during her career was a workshop that she attended few years ago. The workshop was about inclusive design, and she got to work in a big group with mostly disabled people working all together with ceramics, textile and metal. According to Ena, the experience was truly great because of the big group working together as a team. In this workshop she learned a lot about her own creative voice and how it is combined with other people’s creative powers!

Taking part in the BB Design Year Project, Ena spent five days with us in the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to design new BB items. “The project is so cool because you bring designers here so you get first hand experience from the place and that’s the best way to do it, it’s very inspirational”.

Our days with Ena were filled with creative energy and, of course, spending time in nature. While enjoying the LUXURY OF FREEDOM, Ena found her own interpretation of it:  “I see it as a space that is kind of inspiring. The place where the inner creativity is very welcomed”. That is truly what we want to offer for our BB designers!