Luxury of freedom


Meet Elena, BB designer with crush on functional minimalism


Elena Dušej is a textile and fashion designer who runs REIN, a Belgrade based brand specialised in creating handmade raincoats from high quality materials and designed with passion for comfort & lifestyle. Elena, just like many of us, dislikes to carry an umbrella around, remember to take it from home and forget where she left it after work or a night out with friends. Sure, there is something romantic about offering your umbrella to a cute girl or boy you see getting wet on the sidewalk, but can you think of more advantages, other than this imaginary movie scene?

‘’It’s important to believe in your dreams’’



Elena built the first prototype of her raincoats back in 2014 and it wasn’t a fairytale start. Issues with the material lead to manufacturing adjustments and she had to rethink her initial idea. Despite the problems, our BB Fashion Designer firmly believed in her vision. It’s important to mention how Elena isn’t only the brain behind REIN, she is taking care of the whole brand, from design and production all the way to logistics. All her raincoats are quality handmade products which give you the feeling as they are tailor-made, specially for you. Their modern fit suits everyone, as we convinced ourselves thanks to Elena, who brought as one of her raincoats as a present for our BIG BERRY team.

‘’This project is truly fascinating. So many individuals gather and create something unique.’'



During her stay in BIG BERRY, Elena found out what our slogan LUXURY OF FREEDOM represents to her - the freedom to invest time in yourself and things you love to do. When investing time in her amazing brand, the most important component of every product has to be functionality. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Elena uses the same waterproof material for her REIN beachwear collection and complemented our BB Houses, which she described as a perfect mix of space utilization and functionality. Combined with the peaceful nature of the resort, Elena felt her creativity flowing non-stop and we are eager to see our future BB REINcoats in action!