Luxury of freedom


Meet Donna, a designer in love with life


We remember every single participant of our BB Design Year by something unique, that we relate to that person. When talking about Donna Dreisiebner, our BB Golf cars will always remind us of her and her driving skills. She has a German surname and just like Schumacher, Vettel and other Formula 1 drivers from Germany, Donna loves to drive fast and enjoys adrenaline in general. In the short time she was in our BIG BERRY resort together with other Architecture students from Ljubljana, she showed how energetic, spontaneous and thrill driven she is.

‘’Design was a part of me ever since I was a little kid.’’

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Architecture is a perfect choice for our BB Product Designer, since she loved to draw from early childhood and as an extroverted individual, interaction with other people is a big plus. Not only that she is a model student, Donna also works as a graphic designer and project manager for the Energy Solutions Center. Eco-friendly houses are something that could change lives for the better and that’s what she wants to achieve. Energy is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted. Donna has lots of it and she directs it into various sports, all the way from running to dancing. She loves to express herself and release that extra energy, which stored up after many hours of intense architectural designing. But after so much time spent on a project, Donna feels uplifted once she finds a solution for the problem. Every task that comes her way, she sees as some sort of riddle, which needs to be solved. BIG BERRY was a special kind of riddle for our group of students, which they solved perfectly. A BB Pavillion and BB Breakfast basket will see the light of day, thanks to these talented young designers. The work environment was the most encouraging part in Donna’s opinion. She didn’t feel like she was trapped in a cube, where someone is constantly demanding results. The inspiration lies in every corner of our resort and that made the design process way easier.

‘’Architecture includes a lot developing and overthinking. But it’s a process, which you have to love.’’

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Donna has big plans in her life, which include a lot of travelling and meeting new cultures. Every place she visits and every person she meets could define her own path -  in professional and personal life. In our opinion, it’s obvious that she decided to go her own way and not be afraid to show her personality. Her delightful nature caught the eye of our BB Team and we felt like Donna was truly a part of BIG BERRY.

By Ivan Stimac