Luxury of freedom


Meet Damla, designer with worldwide experience

Our newest BB designer, Damla Teoman, is a designer with a very international background. Damla comes from Turkey, and she has been educated in Turkey as well as in Czech Republic and Italy! She has started her career in Whirlpool Corporation in Italy, and currently she works for IKEA in Croatia. In the middle of August, we had the pleasure to welcome this citizen of the world to spend some time also in BIG BERRY Kolpa River!

Damla is a product designer, and for the past two years she has been working as a visual merchandiser and interior designer. “I love being in an environment where I have the freedom to create and be creative”. In product design, Damla has won multiple awards, the first from International Packaging Competition for her design of an olive oil bottle.

Damla’s designing style is simple and minimalistic, and she wants her products to be affordable and available for everyone. “I’m happy that I’m actually designing for people, and in the end its all for people”. For her, the best part of the work is to see the products come to live and to see them in use.

BIG BERRY People DY Damla working

BIG BERRY People DY Damla sketch

Damla spent a beautiful summer week at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort together with other two BB designers, Tea Tadej and Marko Mikičić. In the beginning Damla was overwhelmed with the wide and open concept of the BB Product Design Project, which gives the designers freedom to get inspired and create what they want! In the resort Damla found her absolute favorite item – the BB Barbeque house: “It is one of my favorite activities to gather with friends around a big fire where you can eat, talk and socialize. So that is my favorite place”.

During her stay, she got great ideas for new BB items. She designed new glass bottles for milk, wine and water which will enrich this LUXURY OF FREEDOM. Besides glass bottles, Damla designed some additional elements for the newest BB element - BB coffee and BB tea table so our guests could have even greater BB experience. We will be thrilled to see the results!