Luxury of freedom


Meet Coraline - our French girl who is always smiling

What quote defines you?

“Dreams come true if you believe in them”, but of course for that “ Hard work pays off”.

Can you describe the perfect world you would like to live in?

I would like to live in a world without inequalities and without injustices. For example all the wars that happen just because of different religions, skin color or simply because of different origins revolt me. It is sad that wars keep going on for stupid ideologies.

What are your passions?

It’s hard to sum up my passions, I have a lot of them: sports (Tae kwondo, Cliff diving, ice skating, dance; and the best for the end: football), music (electro, Afro-dance, Rap and Rn’b, House). I also like to spend time with people I love and of course travelling!

What do you like the most about BIG BERRY?

I like the fact that it's an International company and it gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people. Big Berry is a unique business model. And of course I like the beauty of the surroundings; the resort helps to have a healthy life.