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Meet Čarli - Smile Creator at BIG BERRY

Tip tap tip tap, we can hear the little paws a few seconds before we see the little muzzle of Čarli, smile creator on duty, coming through the reception door. Immediately every single face lights up and hands are streched out to pet our favorite puppy in the world. While never leaving the side of his owner Peter, our resort manager, Čarli makes sure that everyone fulfills his or her duty in the resort and new incomcings are being properly sniffed at before being allowed to enter. At lunch, you can feel a slight touch on your feet under the table that is caused by Čarli making sure that no food is being dropped nor wasted...or he just fell asleep on your shoes. After his resort check up, he ensconces himself on the BIG BERRY rug in the reception to snooze...but one ear will always be attentive. Just in case someone new comes in, someone drops his food or his beloved Peter leaves.

Čarli creates a cheerful and loving atmosphere among us and never leaves a face without a smile. Our smile creator on duty at BIG BERRY steals your heart the second you look in these adorable puppy eyes.