Luxury of freedom


Meet Anja, the nature loving architecture student


It’s just wonderful when many different and talented minds collide and create something together. Anja Jezernik Knaus was part of our amazing group of students from Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, who were a real cherry on top of our first BB Design Year Project. Anja has a passion for design and architecture but she is also working part-time as a tourist guide, which means a lot of interaction with people and she enjoys it very much. We enjoyed her company as well and we are happy that Anja described our resort as ‘’calm and relaxing’’, despite many activities and events taking place. The reason for that lies in the nature, in which Anja finds freedom for herself. Trips to the mountains, moving freely and open minded in an untouched natural environment is something that puts a smile on her face and peace in her mind.

‘’It’s really important to meet locals in order to understand a place.’’

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Anja had the chance to meet many interesting people, including awarded designer Simon Morasi Piperčić, who came to present his work and be involved in our project as a mentor for the students. When talking about other projects, our BB Product Designer was passionately speaking about her research how society perceives prisoners and if the prison affects the mindsets of its convicts. Anja firmly believes that a building can change someone's way of living. The amount of sunlight, open space and other factors can deeply influence the mood and mentality of an individual. We can strongly agree with that, since our sunny and open resort offers us nothing but happiness. The designing process in BIG BERRY is also very different in her opinion. There are certain rules one has to follow in architecture, the end result has to compliment the surroundings and usually it’s about buildings. Here, it’s about nature.

‘’I think that this project is a good example for others.’’

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We are so proud that Anja participated in our BB Design Year Project, a regional platform she described as the perfect mixture of different profiles of people who come to create unique BB Elements for us. Every individual contributes in his best way possible and Anja certainly left her mark.

By Ivan Stimac