Luxury of freedom


Meet Ana and Andreja, graphic designers who feel, join and create together

Our last two designers from the GIG Coworking crew are two graphic designers, Ana Berišaj and Andreja Uranič, the co-founders of GIG Coworking and founders of their own design studio, Ana and Andreja took part in our BB Design Year Project together with three other members from GIG Coworking to create amazing new BB items!

Ana and Andreja work together in GIG Coworking, a creative coworking space in Grosuplje, Slovenia, and have their own company, where they create a wide range of designs from publishing to branding. In their work Ana and Andreja follow the same concept as BIG BERRY: they join together, feel together and create solutions to problems that they need to solve as graphic designers. “We each specialize in our own and then try to combine our knowledges into something different and fresh in the end”.

BIG BERRY People DY Ana Andreja working

BIG BERRY People DY Andreja working

Together Ana and Andreja have carried out some challenging projects, the hardest being a personalized children’s book. The project was of much bigger scale than the team first anticipated and creating illustrations of all the characters took much more time than they thought. However, in the end Ana and Andreja got to be very proud of themselves as they survived this big project and got through it very well!

As BB Product Designers Ana and Andreja got to spend four awesome days at the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort, soaking in the environment and finding inspiration from the beautiful surroundings. “The best part is actually the luxury of freedom that you provide. It’s nothing like we have ever seen before”. Together Ana and Andreja got an idea to design a BERRY relaxing kit that consists of all elements you need for a good relaxation and enjoying this LUXURY OF FREEDOM: BB hammock, BB mandala book, BB frisbee, BB hacky sack and bright new BB name tags! This will be the perfect package for perfect summer days and we can’t wait to have it!