Luxury of freedom


Meet Aleksandra, the creator of best possible living environments

BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort is proud to introduce our first designer from the GIG Coworking group, Aleksandra Saša Sadar! Aleksandra is an architect and the co-founder of the brand QLEXA, where she creates her amazing architecture and interior design.

Aleksandra has work experience in wide range of fields – architecture, design, music and media. She started working as an architect already when she was in college, and now she has gained almost two decades of work experience in the field. Now she has her own brand, QLEXA, which stands for Quality Life EXpansion Art. “It means that everything that we do, we do for the luxury, for the joyful part of your living. That’s the main philosophy of our work”.

What is important in Aleksandra’s work, is that she will always make the best of all the factors to create her client’s style in the best possible way. In architecture, her style is her client’s style. She sees her work as a great privilege to create a new environment for people, a place to live. Aleksandra finds it most exciting to have a chance to influence in the living of someone, and that is what she found interesting in our BB Design Year project!

BIG BERRY People DY Aleksandra working

BIG BERRY People DY Aleksandra working 2

Aleksandra got the idea for her BB design already during her first visit at BIG BERRY earlier this year: she wanted to connect the environment of the resort inside and outside, and this gave her the idea of “a glowing berry”. The glowing berry is a multifunctional item which works as a cooler, a chair and a led light for the dark evenings. It also has solar cells so that users can plug their devices in it and this way they are always equipped for some outdoor time by day and by night!

During her stay, Aleksandra got to really enjoy the LUXURY OF FREEDOM at our resort, getting inspiration from her surroundings and designing new BB items. “Luxury of freedom for me is to be free to do whatever I want to do. Being free is the basis of being creative”. She enjoyed especially the stairs leading to their BB house terrace, where they spent time sitting, working and talking with her GIG Coworking colleagues. We had the pleasure to host all five designers from GIG Coworking together, and they decided to create something all together! We had the chance to see great creative teamwork in action, as all our designers from GIG Coworking put the best from their fields to create something new for BIG BERRY!