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Matthew McConaughey has a passion for Glamping

So, apparently celebrities don't really need 5-star hotels all the time. Like Matthew McConaughey, who is known for being in love with glamping. Not only did he live in an RV for a whole year but also his wedding was camping-themed and was celebrated on his campground-style property in Texas. Matthew certainly has some Glamping adventure stories to tell after spending a lot of times on road trips. He uses them to relax and to clear his mind. McConaughey is always open to travel and unterstands people who need it. If one of his employees comes up and says: "I need to go!", he will let them go. Because McConaughey understands the value of glamping road trips.

So, maybe one day McConaughey's road trip will lead him to glamping at BIG BERRY!

We would be happy to see you here, Matthew.