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Marilyn Monroe - Kiss, kiss me!

As we warm up our lips and highlight them with red lipstick in celebration of International Kiss Day 2016, we cannot do otherwise but thinking of one of the most famous and well-shaped lips the world has seen in the past years. Yes, exactly...we are talking about Marilyn Monroe, one of the most prominent sex symbols in the sixties. Unforgotten is her "skirt-lifting-pose" while shooting the subway grate scene for "The Seven Year Itch" or her sensual birthday song for president Kennedy. Although having an image as a "dumb blonde", Marilyn understood to use her appearance and personality to become a top-billed actress in the 1950s. Singing, acting and modeling - all that has contributed to make her a major popular culture icon.

So, with every kiss we share with the world today, BIG BERRY is humming Marilyn's "Kiss" song and emulates her kissing style!