Luxury of freedom


Linh: Our Professional Berry

Linh is BIG BERRY’s second Vietnamese intern who is studying Marketing and Business in Finland. Here in BIG BERRY, she has different responsibilities that vary from correcting Hakan (read more Hakan's mirror interview) to managing Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Before coming to BIG BERRY Linh was travelling Europe and decided to join us when we were going to climb Triglav, nearly ending up dead three times in these two days. But girl made it to the top, showing all of us that she is way tougher than she looks.

In the resort she continued with the sporty routine, often going for a run or to the gym, which she couldn’t imagine doing before. When we asked her what surprised her the most about BIG BERRY she answered: “People! Before I came here I was very sensitive about my privacy but here I am sharing my home with 5 people but there is no problem’’. By applying to this internship she accepted to step out of her comfort zone and to put her thesis and familiar life in Finland on hold, because she put her thesis and life in Finland on hold. But it was worth it! BIG BERRY experience taught her to be spontaneous, About her adventure when she and few others decided to go to the concert in Zagreb in the middle of the night, she said: "In order save time and effort, Ana, me and Haki went around the city when everything closed and slept in the van. That was the craziest thing I've done so far and yet so memorable.”