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Let me Introduce Hakan

When I was a child I remember one newspaper that was publishing mirror method interviews every Sunday. There, a writer or a journalist asks questions to him/herself and tries to answer them standing in front of a mirror. Here I will start with the basic question. ‘’Who am I?’’ I am one of the last who joined and will leave the BIG BERRY family. I am coming from the capital city of Turkey as an Erasmus Intern. “What did I do in BIG BERRY?” I was in charge of company web page such writing news, filling back part of the web page, publishing interviews, helping others in community work…

I think I need to aim at more specific questions after this introduction. “What brought me in BIG BERRY?’’ I am not sure whether it was just one or more reasons for my decision to take this internship. I was hoping to find new career opportunity to gain international experience and to try something new that I have never done. I believe that experience is the only thing that can make us rich and we should all take challenges and risks throughout our lives to learn and create from our own mistakes.

I always had a motto: “Past is past.’’ But BIG BERRY experience shook my beliefs as well as my whole personality. Being at home after BIG BERRY experience I remember the summer of 2016 every day and I happily have reminiscent moments.

BIG BERRY was more than an internship for me. It was a life-changing experience where I redefined my ideas about relations such as friendships…In fact, they were my family, not just friends, housemates and coworkers. However, I will never forget when we went to concert to Croatia, we spent almost all night wandering Zagreb’s streets as crazy interns. Now I know it was definitely one of the best parts of my life and I know I will never forget this life experience, not even Ana’s repeated playlist!

Author: Hakan Kurhan