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Katy Perry - the Queen of Twitter

July 1st, 2016 will go down in history...well, Twitter history at least. Being followed by 90 million people, none other than Katy Perry creates a new milestone in Twitter records. With a comfortable distance to the following ranks, Katy is now the queen of Twitter. When Twitter announced this achievement with a tweet of their own, “It’s party time, @katyperry! With 90 million on the guest list, we’re gonna need a really big dance floor,”, Katy was "concerned" about having enough space for the party, “Dang this is tight,”. Well, it is not a secret that millions of people want to experience Katy Perry's performance on stage...and Twitter. 

Okay, with the number of our followers, BIG BERRY is more part of the Twitter infantry than the royals, but we are incited to take the challenge. Katy, some day you will have to make a little space among your Twitter royals for us!