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Jessica Biel - Conquerer of Mount Kilimanjaro

While still taking care of the last minor aliments from our Triglav adventure we are all for hiking and mountains now. While dreaming about our next advenutre we pull off our hat's for Jessica Biel who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro about 6 years ago more for a good cause than personal pleasure. Jessica Biel was part of a group of celebrities, including, Emile Hirsch, Isabel Lucas, Elizabeth Gore, Lupe Fiasco, Santigold and Kenna, that took off on the adventure too raise money and awareness of the global clean water crisis back in 2010. After weeks of preparation and a week-long exhausting climb all participants reacked the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, that is situated in northeastern Tanzania and is the highes peak on the African continent at 5.895 m.

So, that would just be 3.000 m more than we did for climbing Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak...sounds doable, doesn't it?! Well, okay for now we are good relaxing in our butterfly chairs and enjoying the pictures of Triglav on our Instagram...have you seen them yet?

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