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Jamie Oliver - Cooking made easy

We are sure The Naked Chef has whet the appetite of many people sitting in front of the TV. Jamie Oliver, famous for his easy ingredients and preparation of food, is probably one of the most creative chefs the world has seen. Born and raised in the Cambridge area, Jamie set off to London to learn the art of cooking. Later he was discovered for TV while working in a restaurant and sarted shooting advertisement and his first cooking show "The Naked Chef", which was an international success immediately. Jamie uses his talent and success to serve social purposes. In his restaurant, which he opened within his show "Jamie's kitchen", he offers unemployed and deprived adolescents to learn cooking. His campaign "Feed me better" focussed on the improvement of food in schools and "Ministry of Foods" tries to teach inhabitants of Yorkshire healthy nutrition with resh ingredients. 

Being inspired by Jamie's many publications and the need for something new for our taste buds, BIG BERRY created it's very own salad in collaboration with our partner restaurant Pizzeria Spaghetteria Pri Starem Pildu. It contains the team's favorite vegetables and a newly invented dressing. Check out the recipe here, it is easy to prepare, refreshing in summer and simply delicious.

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