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“Hir Aj Kam Hir Aj Go”! Magnifico visits BIG BERRY

Without a doubt, if we had to choose which music event was the most vibrant, of all that took place during the summer season in Bela krajina, we would say the performance of Magnifico. Magnifico performed on the Črnofest festival, a small annual festival that takes place mid-August in Črnomelj, capital of Bela krajina. Numerous bands perform during the 15-day-span, with each having a guest star of the festival. Needles to say, 2017’s guest star was Magnifico.

Singer of the band Magnifico, Robert Pešut, originates from the region of Bela krajina, so it comes as no surprise the love he shares for the people, nature and the cuisine. Even knowing that the band would probably prefer to stay at their relatives' house, the team that forms BIG BERRY wanted to invite the band to get to know our facilities and stay at the resort located in Primostek. We thought that there would be no better place for them to disconnect from the haste and stress and be in contact with nature, than the unparalleled location of the Primostek resort in front of the Kolpa River.

After some negotiating, we were pleasantly surprised when they finally agreed to come and we had the pleasure of being able to accommodate Magnifico at the resort. We think that the deal breaker was the reputation of the resort - being the luxurious new form of tourism. They decided to pop by and see what was all the fuss about.

Although through the night of the concert the weather turned cold and rainy, but nothing could prevent the people from gathering at the main square. Through the raindrops and the cold wind, the crowd was jumping and singing along with the tunes of the band’s iconic songs. The band shown their appreciation towards the gathered crowd, with the an almost-two-hour-long performance.

After the concert the band left for the resort of BIG BERRY where they spent a pleasant night and a very peaceful morning. Band members enjoyed the tranquility of the surrounding nature; a well deserved rest after an amazing performance. Following the calm morning, the band enjoyed a nice meal on the spacious terrace overlooking the Kolpa River and had the opportunity to relax on the premises and disconnect from the outside world.

Band’s impressions were more than positive regarding the harmonious blend of the resort with nature, the practicality and the warmth of the mobile houses. They said that they were truly honoured to have experienced such luxury and such freedom.

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