Luxury of freedom


Here is Krasimir - our Bulgarian software engineer and nature lover

Describing myself using some words…

I’m a deep thinker, very positive about life, I love to be in the nature, as well as I love tech stuff.

Regarding my current position what I like most is that…

I have the chance to meet people from different nationalities with great and different ideas. BIG BERRY team creates very interesting projects that I became part of them.

About my strengths…

I never quit until find a solution. So I usually keep searching the “key” until I find it. Also, I like helping people to achieve their goals.

I would like to see myself in five years…

As BB grows rapidly, I'd like to support interesting projects and lead a team so we can achieve the best result possible.

I prefer team work than work alone…

Because team work is more constructive and more fun.

BIG BERRY for me in 3 words….

BB in 3 expressions: interesting concept, fun, friends.

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