Luxury of freedom


Frane Pamuković - our social media expert

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Curious, curious, curious

How did you come to BIG BERRY?
I stumbled upon BIG BERRY concept 7 months ago and it was love at first sight. I love tourism and technology so this was a perfect combination to show my skills and enjoy what I’m doing.

What do you like most about BIG BERRY?
Creative mess. In which you learn different things on so many levels that each day is different and in each day I can find a new challenge.

I would like to see myself in five years…
With amazing PC setup, at least some i9, few terabytes ssd and few hundreds gigas of ram… of course with 50inch curved screen, creating the impossible in push and pull marketing.

The type of work environment I prefer is…
Motivated young team in search for new challenges where new ideas are validated and appreciated

The best adventure I’ve had was...
The biggest adventure started 7 months ago… and it’s still going strong.