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Elvis Presley - King of Rock'n'Roll ruling in BIG BERRY

Next year will be the 40th anniversary of his death but Elivs Presley, King of Rock'n'Roll, is alive as least in BIG BERRY. His grooves bring us many memorable moments. No matter if we are dancing or relaxing Elvis always seems suitable for the atmosphere at BIG BERRY. He combined characteristics of different musical influences in his music. The King of Rock'n'Roll was inspired by the pop and country music of his time, gospel music he listened to in church and all-night gospel concerts as well as black R'n'B he experienced on historic Beale Street in Memhpis.

If we could we would add a special BIG BERRY award to Elvis' broad collection of awards. But anyhow BIG BERRY will just remember this one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Nation in the US in 1970 by listening to his voice and shaking it off to his tunes. Yes, BIG BERRY is part of the group of millions that are charmed by his talent and charisma.