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Digital transformation efforts grow opportunities and profits

Nowadays we are living in a new digital world, where the concept of physical money is becoming more and more unnecessary. New digital technologies, especially social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions improve business operations, as well as create digital business models.

During the presentation at BIG BERRY - Kolpa River about mobile payments and cashless society in Slovenia, Primož Župan, CEO of MBILLS E-Money and Payment Services Ltd., referred to digital transformation as a continuous journey in growing opportunities and profits through online businesses, tools and apps.

Primož explained, “Digital transformation is making the business work more in ways of better productivity, but on the other hand there will be some losses, like jobs loss, for example.”

Another important issue which was discussed about was payment system. First of all, he (Primož) asked the audience: “Which method do you use the most and what kind of challenges do you face while using it?”

Although online payments have millions of seemingly satisfied customers, not all users have had such a pleasant experience.

There are electronic methods that provide none of the protection that real banks and ATM systems offer. On the other hand, there are some problems for cash users as well. For instance, it’s not always the easiest thing to find an ATM and get the certain amount of money that you need.

Primož Župan presented the audience a new mobile platform ‘Hal mBills’, on which he was working in his company. “This kind of mobile app is the best example of digitalization: You don’t need to be physically present to go to an ATM and get your money. You don’t need to go to the bank in case you need to transfer money to another account. You can do everything just with your mobile phone,” he explained.

To conclude, every era brings a portion of positive things and almost the same amount of negative with it. We are facing the time of serious threat of personal data theft and violation of human rights. Online business needs to be extra careful while accepting agreements and giving away credit card and other personal details. Although heading towards the cashless society, there are still numerous setbacks that need to be fixed and controlled in order to improve one’s life, without endangering the rights to privacy.

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