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BIG BERRY chef: Tabay Brothers

credit: BB team

Tabay Brothers

The Tabay brothers amazed guests of BIG BERRY with their delicious gourmet burgers 

On 3rd of June BIG BERRY Kolpa River had the pleasure to welcome the 5thBIG BERRY Chef of the year, the Tabay Brothers. Originally from Macedonia, the Tabay Brothers visited the resort to prepare their delicious hamburgers for the guests.

Tabay Brothers is run by two young Macedonian brothers, Tomislav and Marko Tabay, who own the restaurant known for one of the best hamburgers in Ljubljana. Tomislav came to Slovenia first to study economics, but later realized it wasn’t the field for him. Wanting to do something that would make other people happy, Tomislav started to perfect his skills in his hobby, cooking. When his brother Marko joined him later in Slovenia, they started to develop the idea about their own restaurant that serves quality gourmet burgers.

Tomislav describes himself to be passionate, dedicated and stubborn. He has decided to dedicate his life to food: “understanding food and taste is what I am doing right now, that is me”, he explains. As a child he used to dream about people being amazed and entertained about what he is doing, and now the dream has become a reality: Tabay Brothers offer luxury and richness of tastes and colors in minimalistic form and have got everyone in Ljubljana to talk about their food. 

BB Chef Tabay Brothers cooking compressed
credit: BB team

BB Chef Tabay brothers burgers in the grill compressed
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The most important feature of the Tabay Brothers products is the quality: For example, one thing they are really proud of is always including 90% local ingredients in their products. “For me the most important part is to always have something unique that only we have, others don’t”, Tomislav says. In their hamburgers Tabay Brothers aim to combine all the best in order to give the people an experience of perfect flavors in one bite.

While visiting the BIG BERRY Kolpa River resort, the Tabay Brothers didn’t know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised: “I liked it from the first moment I arrived. I couldn’t wait for the gate to open”, Tomislav says. The brothers prepared hamburgers for the guests at the resort using the BIG BERRY partner Kmetija Kočevar’s products as a special ingredient.'

BB Chef Tabay brothers making drinks compressed
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BB Chef Tabay brothers golf car compressed
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 The event at the resort started with a talk of the BIG BERRY Mastermind Arné Verhoef who gave an informative speech about the health benefits of hemp products. The BIG BERRY BBQ House was filled with good atmosphere and great taste while guests enjoyed seeing the food made on the spot. Tabay Brothers amazed guests with special drinks made from the products of the BIG BERRY partners Semiška penina and Kmetija Kočevar, and tasty gourmet hamburgers with hemp as one of the ingredients. 

6th BIG BERRY Chef

BIG BERRY is now looking forward to greeting its next BIG BERRY chef!

So who is going to be the next BIG BERRY chef willing to continue the story?
To be continued...