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BIG BERRY Chef: Almir Begič

Credit: BB team

Almir Begič, alias "Mister Raviolo'

With his succulent dishes, Almir, also known as "Mister Raviolo", made us travel through Italy !

BIG BERRY welcomed the fourth cook of the 2018 season on the 5th of May 2018: Almir Begič also known as “Mister Raviolo”. For the occasion, he prepared a delicious meal that could be described with only three adjectives: freshness, innovation and modernity.

This 31 year-old-chief from Capodistria in Slovenia, is now working as a cook at the Pod Skednom restaurant - The Pule Estate where cooking is based on local and seasonal foods. Almir, or Mister Raviolo, values local and fresh produces. “I find inspiration in fresh produces above all” the chef explained, “It is all those produces that can become an amazing dish once cooked”.

BBpeople Chef AlmirBegic1   BBpeople Chef AlmirBegic2

Credit: BB team 

Almir has been cooking since he was a child, and has always loved it. He was often cooking with his mother and his grandmother, and when he was not, he observed them and analyzed everything they were doing. That’s how this amazing chef earned his first experience in a kitchen. As for his very first experience in a real professional kitchen, it was when he decided to enroll in the catering college Izola, where he developed his passion for cooking. From then on, everything followed naturally. Now he is a great cook especially known, as his surname suggests it, for his ravioli. Actually, in addition to being perfectly fluent in Italian, he can make anyone travel in Italia through his delicious dishes inspired by this beautiful country. All kind of ravioli and pastas are for him the best dishes to cook and also to eat!

While eating the delectable meal he cooked for all the guests, it was really easy to notice this Italian influence that guides him in his kitchen. Indeed, he cooked ravioli with ricotta and peas followed by pork filets with carrots, and the best for last: cheesecake with raspberries and ice cream. The meal was served with different champagnes from BIG BERRY partner Semiška Penina that were presented by Gregor Simonič to all the guests..

BBpeople Chef AlmirBegic3   BBpeople Chef AlmirBegic4

Credit: BB team 

To cook those succulent dishes, the chef used the products of some other BIG BERRY partners. For instance, he used some ghee from Zlati Ghee, ice cream from Tik Tak Cafe, hemp flour from Kmetija kočevar and beer from Pivovarna Vizir to prepare the sauce, and natural yogurts from Kmetija Štrucelj to prepare the dessert.

Among the guests who had the chance to be here, there were the BIG BERRY partners from Zlati ghee, Fiducia, Semiška Penina, and Kmetija Štrucelj. It was like a family lunch where joy and conviviality were blended.

At the end of the day, Almir described his day at BIG BERRY resort as "very nice and intense with a lot of people". He also axplained that he really enjoyed the "diversity" of the BIG BERRY team and the beauty of the resort. 

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5th BIG BERRY Chef

BIG BERRY is now looking forward to greeting its next BIG BERRY Chef !
So, who is going to be the next BIG BERRY Chef willing to live this great adventure ? 

To be continued ...