Luxury of freedom



An Experience to Remember!

This year BIG BERRY starts with some new projects.One of them is “BIG BERRY Chef”. It‘s a gastronomic project that will host a different chefs from all over the world!

Experienced chefs will prepare delicious dishes by using a local production and a special local ingredients provided by our local partners and other freshest ingredients

BIG BERRY CHEF project will be held tomorrow (28th of April) during the BIG BERRY Season Opening.

Our special cook for tomorrows event is  Jure Pečarič -  the owner and chef of Gostilna Pečarič that is an amazing and well-known restaurant in Ljubljana.

Jure Pečarič will give us a pleasure of tasting his dishes made with different types of berries! You will really feel the fine dining experience because of the luxury feel of eating authentic dishes. The aroma of the high quality wines from Bela Krajina won’t disappoint you.

Who is ready for  BIG BERRY CHEF experience?

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