Luxury of freedom


Berni - the greatest guy from France

Your passions are…

Well, I am still looking for a real passion! I like photography, travelling, meeting new people and new cultures.

Your dream country…

I spent 7 months in Australia last year. I really enjoyed it. It is like a new-born country where everything needs to be built. I didn’t have time to discover the whole country. Some locals say it would take you 2 years to visit all! So, I must go back there. ? I have never been in Slovenia before. It is much smaller than Australia but still gorgeous with its green landscape breath-taken.

Your perfect day would look like…

My perfect day would be in heaven because this day won’t end. (violin sound)

You like languages, right? Are you planning to learn some Slovenian? What can you already say?

Yes, I do like learning things! It will be a real challenge to learn Slovenian in only two months. But you know what? I take this challenge. I won’t be fluent, though I’ll do my best. For now, I can count until ten and say “prepečenec” and “DOBER DAN”. I am training myself very hard with my teammates.

Can you give us your favourite song and one of your hidden pleasure?

It depends on my mood. I listen to different kind of music. Some electrifying music like Sparks, Supertramp and some more chillax like Tom Rosenthal, Nick Mulvey. The song of my hidden pleasure... hmmmm… It would be STUPEFLIP VITE from Stupeflip band.

Why did you come to BIG BERRY?

I chose to come at BIG BERRY to have a unique experience abroad and to get involve in a thriving company. To discover what the luxury of freedom is!