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BB CHEFS - Elke & Bernhard Oberhauser from Klagenfurt

Amazing Saturday lunch was prepared by 13th BIG BERRY chefs Elke & Bernhard Oberhauser from Best of the Rest in Klagenfurt on the 5th of August!

Elke & Bernhard Oberhauser from Best of the Rest worked for decades in the gastronomy. The couple is strongly against throwing food and they are trying to recycle as many things as it possible. They retrieve and process vegetables. As experienced cooks, Elke & Bernhard Oberhauser continue the food business in Carinthia. In addition, the two amazing chefs share their knowledge in workshops, in which, in addition to culinary lessons, they talk about non-wasting food experience and the ways of recycling.

Elke’s parents used to have their own restaurant. Her family was always connected with cooking. Elke’s grandmother was a very good cook and cooked with heart and love. ‘It always smelled so good. And I have the best memories connected with my grandmom’s cookies’ ― shares Elke. One can never find fast food in Oberhauser’s kitchen ― they always cook everything fresh. Their philosophy and work are based on three pillars designed to promote a holistic change with the food industry and to re-energize love for the environment.

On the third of August the chefs prepared a delicious ‘Aufstriche’ as an appetizer for the guests who visited BIG BERRY press conference.

The menu on the 5th of August was full of lovely surprises. An appetizer of a salad with grilled veggies was a perfect beginning of the meal. Rice with curry as a main dish was enjoyed by guests a lot. Amazing 'Fantasy of BIG BERRY' was the name of the dessert. The chefs used products by Ekološka Kmetija Župnca, Zlati Ghee, Ekološka Kmetija Totter in order to cook the lunch.

Trying the Cook game

For the ‘trying the cook’ game, as usual, the cook had to guess three BIG BERRY partner’s products. Totter’s yoghurt was Elke’s first guess. Chestnut oil by Oljarna Pečarič  was also guessed rightly by her. And the last one was Berryshka yoghurt, which Elke and Bernhard definitely liked.

‘It was very exciting. We didn’t know till the end what we were going to cook. We simply used what we saw in a fridge’.