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BB CHEF - the young talent Blaž Žvab

The 10th BIG BERRY CHEF, a 20 years old cook, Blaž Žvab prepared three delicious dishes for around 30 BIG BERRY guests: bread appetizer, fish with salad and a perfect dessert with pear. The dessert, a combination of cream, nuts, and pear, gave to all guests an unforgettable feeling of something simple but delightful at the same time. Just like Bela Krajina region!

Cooking in front of the guests on the 2nd of July by Kolpa, the ambitious Blaž - inspired by Gordon Ramsay-, although very young, has experience as cook in six hotels and three restaurants and is now starting his new path by working as a cook for the MAROFbistro in Novo Mesto, a BIG BERRY partner.

Cooking with confidence and impressing everyone with the beauty of his plates’ presentation, while everyone was watching and enjoying the amazing atmosphere at the BIG BERRY terrace, Blaž choose two partner products to use in his recipes: the traditional ghee by ZlatiGhee and White wine by Malnaric.

Trying the Cook game

For the “trying the cook” game, as usual, the cook had to guess three BIG BERRY partners products. The Berryshka dark chocolate was his first guess. There he almost guessed correctly the percentage of cocoa contained in the chocolate, which is 72%. Malnaric white wine was also guessed right by him, followed by the apple ice cream provided by TIK-TAK Cafe.