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BB Chef - Gianluca Balin


The young but very talented Chef Gianluca Balin. Impressive taste, exquisite dining and plating. 

We were absolutely thrilled to have this, incredibly talented young man as part of our BB Chef project. 

He graduated from cooking school and then gourmet technician at Isola in Slovenia in 2010.

Then worked in the hotel of Giusterna under the group Čatež; Bernardin (5 star) hotel in Bernardino near Portorose also at the Carnevale hotel in Rabuiese (4 stars).

He open up his own a pizzeria restaurant Pizzeria Napoli in Ancarano. And since 2011 he is working in the family restaurant in Muggia. Ancient Trattoria Primavera.

„We are chewed in typical Istrian dishes like the boscarin - Istrian Chianina. And the same beast. And many typical delicacies. I also did a French pastry course and won medals for my sweet Istria folcinalla which is the fair can sweets great in Slovenia.“ – shares Gianluca.

We would like to thank Gianluca for helping us discover Italian region  once again. And again we had a change to understand, that it‘s one of the very best cuisine I had the chance to experience