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BB Chef - Filip Matjaž

Filip Matjaž, cook at the Hotel Tomi Portorož, could not have made a better choice than fish for the two dishes he prepared during the past weekend (20th and 21st). Both choices were fish.

With modern culinary approaches Filip respectfully elevates indigenous Istrian cuisine and gives it a new dimension. Filip always wild for fresh sea recipes. That‘s why he puts together a menu based on what season and sea has to offer at that time.

First dish he choose to cook were SMOKED TROUT GOURNET - a delicious and easy summer appetizer. Easy to make, easy on your conscience, smoky. The combination between the mayonnaise and the sour cream makes this dip a little bit lighter and healthier for you.  Walnuts, oranges and horseradish sauce gives a special touch for this dish. This smoked trout dip is a fabulous appetizer that packs a variety of flavor into each bite.

Watch the video here.

The main dish were simple and delicious SEA BASS recipe. Wonderful served with potatoes. He have used classic Golden Ghee and flavored Tartughee butter from our respectable partner Zlati Ghee. for his dishes.  Tartughee is with some delicious Ayurveda spices, perfect to go with yummy sea bass: black truffles; enriched with Himalayan salt, red pepper and turmeric.

Watch the video here.

You can be sure that the fish he chose was moist, delicate, and delicious. Look at it! Filip was provided with fish by Izletniška Kmetija Zupančič. While he was cooking, he was also visited by Dušan M. Z. Badovinac, owner of Zlati Ghee. Flip demonstrated outstanding skills in food preparation and presentation and we can confirm that this man has real culinary talents!

Trying the Cook game was more than fun. Zlati Ghee, Izletniška kmetija Zupančič – with Lamut juice - and Malnarič Wine were the three products Filip needed to guess and, apparently, he loved all of them! Watch fun video here.

While in BIG BERRY, Filip had the chance to visit the most famous festival of wine in Bela Krajina, Vinska vigred, where he enjoyed the local culinary, wine and visited some of the BIG BERRY partners’ such as Berryshka, Kmetija Pavlovič, Malnarič Winery and lastly Gostišče Veselič, where he also spent some time with Andreja Veselič, who had introduced him to BIG BERRY.


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