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BB CHEF - Excellence and amazing performance of Benjamin Romšak

The 8th edition of BIG BERRY Chef,  was marked by the professionalism and an impressive performance of the Chef Benjamin Romšak in BIG BERRY Kolpa kitchen.

8 th BB CHEF Benjamin is the Head Chef at Bistro Marof, in Novo Mestro.

Benjamin Romšak is resourceful, works hard, is a very good cook and has a real culinary talent.

Benjamin is passionate about food, the quality and integrity of his ingredients, he always preparing his dishes using only fresh ingredients.

He cooked two excellent dishes and impressed everybody with the richness of the flavors present in both plates.

For his first meal, Benjamin prepared a Twist Risotto. A simple, healthy risotto - slightly chewy and creamy texture that just seems to melt in your mouth packed with all flavors absorbed into every grain.

For the second, he cooked a very soft Twist Beef, fried in a pan with Zlati Ghee.  The beef was outstanding -beautifully pink, full of flavor and succulent and with a delicious crust and the incredible juices.

If you think this photos look delicious, you should have felt the smell of these delicious dishes.