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BB Chef - charming Katja Černjak

This time our special guest was charismatic Katja Črnjak, a Slovenian chef, known from Slovenian culinary television shows „MasterChef“.

A charming lady.

This is just one of the ways to describe Katja Črnjak, wonderful mother, chef, graphic designer and all-around fascinating lady.

„Like many, I was introduced to cooking when I was a small child. I was cooking with my grandma, “– and since then the cooking, inspired by her grandmother, has become a joyful passion for her.

Along the way she have learned many things about food, the process of cooking... And that is what makes her to be one of the greatest cooks today.

The attractive chef has visited many places but wishes to travel more and get some inspiration, know more about other cooking cultures. She would love to expand her cultural horizons by taking a trip around the world. As long as she believes, that traditions and culture are deeply rooted in food and through culinary lessons she can learn more and use this experience in future.

This young lady has already left quite a mark on the food world: her energy, talent and passion for cooking has landed her in numerous places. Therefore, it has been wonderful to have this lady at the BIG BERRY, too.

Her dishes was a delightful experience and she have impressed us all with her culinary skills. Well, we have noticed her little cooking secret … She is one of those chefs, that matching wine with food!

Wine is the perfect secret ingredient for making a marinade: the acidity helps tenderize the meat/fish, and the depth imparts complex flavors on the meat or seafood.

To marinate fish she used semi dry champagne. It is high acidity and makes it great for marinades. Especially, it is spot-on perfect for fried food! For meat she choose white wine. White wines are generally the right choice for meat marinades.

During the event at the BIG BERRY all the visitors firstly were pleased with some appetizer called:

  • Trout Tartar with Red Beet, Carrot and Onion Chips

Second dishes, that wonderful Katja Črnjak choose to cook and surprise all the quest were:

  • For  meat lovers:
    Grilled Young Beef wrapped with Bacon on a Pumpkin Mash with Grilled Veggies
  • For vegetarians:
    Grilled Trout with Buckwheat Porridge, Grilled Veggies and Apple Chutney

Thank you Dear Katja!

It was so delicious. We're thirsty and we're hungry already. We want to fill our tummies again. We know your dishes are super yummy!

We’re also very thankful to have, in each event, the support of our partners 

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