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BB Chef - Andreja Veselič, Bela Krajina food specialist

For the 3rd BIG BERRY Chef edition, a BIG BERRY guest had completely authentic local experience in Bela Krajina with the local Chef - Andreja Veselič who is also the owner of Gostišče Veselič restaurant.

This Saturday, the 13th of May, BIG BERRY had an honor to host the Tour Operators from twenty different countries from all over the world.

Nobody else could show this local culture better than Andreja can through this local food display. The ultimate goal of her meal series was to highlight the versatility of a single local ingredient in each meal and represent hidden gem of Slovenia as well as represent rich traditions and culture of this region.


For the 3rdBIG BERRY Chef  edition Andreja’s chosen fresh seasonal ingredients is used to celebrate spring and special event.

The guests were welcomed with traditional, homemade Bela Krajina food. The guests were able to relax with the sounds of Tamburica while Chef Andreja was preparing traditional Slovenian food by using an old recipes. The meal was served during the evening in sequences.


For the special day, Andreja Vecelič prepared various kind of dishes.


Andreja started her day by serving various kind of tasty traditional local appetizers.  To prepare starters, she combined local ingredients such as wild garlic, grilled pork, Belokranjski Žlinkrofi and Belokranjsko Cvrtje. She used the following ingredients: cheese; homemade cheese citrate from our partner Kmetija Štrucelj; baked filets; trout from Kmetija Zupančič; and homemade salami which was straight from her restaurant.


By the time, lunch time was here, Andreja prepared main dish - local Belokranjska Šara and Hemp pasta. The soup was made from vegetables and a smoked pig. Hemp pasta had an exceptional taste of special garlic because it was made in a wild garlic sauce and seeds of Hemp.  Also, guests had a chance to refresh and try local vegetables and lettuce salads.


Desserts are final and the best part of any meal. Do you agree? For the dessert, Andreja impressed and surprised twice with delicious BIG BERRY’s berry cake dessert in Gostisče Veselič and delightful ice-creams. Garlic Ice cream, of course, Berry Ice cream.

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