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BB CHEF - amazing Nikolic Stefan

Amazing dishes were prepared by Nikolic Stefan, the 12th BIG BERRY chef from Alte Herberge, Serbia, on the 29th of July. Stefan is passionately in love with his job. Even though the chef has only three years of experience, but he is definitely a professional in his field. Stefan adores combination of French, Italian and Spanish cousin, however one would never find traditional Serbian food in his kitchen. BB chef believes concentration and persistence to be the most important attributes that every cook has to possess. Stefan definitely has got those traits. He believes that cooking gives him a room for creativity. The chef shared one of his best memories with BIG BERRY: once he had an opportunity to cook for his professor and received the biggest applause for his dish. It was one of the greatest moments for him. 

On the 28th of July Stefan visited BB local partners. He had a chance to try natural home-made yoghurt and cheese at Kmetija Štrucelj , and sip excellent wine at new BIG BERRY partner Jakljevič.

On the 29th of July Stefan prepared three delicious dishes with natural products from local partners for around 40 BIG BERRY guests. Gazpacho with strawberries as an appetizer perfectly fits a sunny summer day. Pork file with herbs was a perfect choice as the main dish. How can people live without sweets? Cake with urmas was a perfect ending of the meal. It is always a great pleasure to see passionate chefs cooking. The feeling of enjoyment is the main ingredient of any dish you can try. After marvelous dinner our guest could not help enjoying luxurious hot tub.

Trying the Cook game

For the ‘trying the cook’ game, as usual, the cook had to guess three BIG BERRY partner’s products. Pavlovič strawberry marmalade was his first guess. Natural butter Zlati Ghee was also guessed rightly by him. And the last one was Totter yogurt, which Stefan definitely liked.

‘BIG BERRY is super. It’s something entirely new for me' ― full of enthusiasm and energy, with great ambitions for his career path, Nikolic Stefan apparently enjoyed his stay at BIG BERRY.