Luxury of freedom


BB Chef - Alojz Kolednik

This weekend guests and visitors of BIG BERRY were pleased with a very special event – the Astronomy Day!
For this, we welcomed the 14th BIG BERRY Chef Alojz Kolednik, from Jack & Joe Steak and Burger Club. He has almost 20 years of experience working in restaurants.
Alojz is definitely a professional in his field, showing his passion in all the meals he cooks. His professional career started in 1998, as a head chef at the restaurant PUCCINI in Mariba and Ljubljana. BB chef believes that responsability, persistence and concentration are the key ingrediants to become a success Chef, not only in professional life, but also in his personal existence. Alojz definitely has got those traits. He believes that cooking gives him freedom and pleasure. 

On the 12 of July Alojz prepared two delicious dishes for around 30 BIG BERRY guests using also natural products from local partners, such as vegetables from Kmetija Zupnca, Zlati Ghee and Tik Tak's ice cream.He had the opportunity to meet some BIG BERRY's partners at the Garlic Festival, in Kmetija Zupancic.
The Astronomic dinner started with a delicious Stuffed zucchini crown that perfectly fits a sunny summer day. Roasted Rosatbeef on a sweet mashed potatoes was also a perfect choice as the second dish. Finally, in order to finish the night and enjoy a magnificent sky decorated with the rain of stars, Panacota was the perfect dessert.

It is always a honor to see passionate chefs cooking at BIG BERRY and joining the team.
These events are important for the growth and success of the team. Therefore, we are grateful! 

Author: Bruno Santos