Luxury of freedom


Augustin Martinez - a French that can teach you how to say 'Prepečenec'

How I describe myself in three words…

I’m a committed, funny and hardworking guy!


If I was left alone on an isolated island, I would…

I would probably try to create my own country like a utopic world!


My favourite sports are…

My favourite sports are basketball, tennis and football. When I was a child, I played basketball a lot in my hometown but I wasn’t very good at it so I stopped. I still follow the NBA which I’m a big fan. I started to play tennis at 10 years old. I really love it! I played it for 12 years and I was even coach for children. Unfortunately, I had to stop because I moved a lot for my studies but I sure will play it again later. Then, I’m a fan of football (but don’t ask me to play…) Hala Madrid! 


If I could meet Kim Jong-Un, I would…

First, I would ask him if I can visit North Korea because I’m very curious about this country, the culture, the people, of what’s happening there, how it looks like, etc… Then, I would take his place for a day to know how it feels to be a dictator and then I would deliver him to the authorities that he can be judge for what he did – in order to make things right at the end.


My animal reincarnation would be…

A cat! Definitely! I love cats. They are so quiet, funny and can go crazy in one second. I could spend all the day just watching cat videos… Or maybe a lama because they look funny… So yeah, maybe something in between a cat and a lama… a ‘catma’!


Why did you come to BIG BERRY?

I came to BIG BERRY for several reason. One of them is I am very attached to the concept of freedom and it’s the motto of BIG BERRY! Then, I think there is a lot of potential in the brand development, that’s why I think it’s a great and ambitious project that I want to take part in.

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