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7th BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018 Roman Šuštaršič Kozan

On 30th of June we had a very interesting evening at BIG BERRY Kolpa resort as we welcomed our 7thBIG BERRY Mastermind  Roman Šuštaršič Kozan. Roman is a motivational speaker, hypnotist and trainer for personal growth who believes that everyone has the unlimited power in themselves. With his work he helps individuals and groups to breakthrough with their goals and aims to inspire people that anything is possible with clear vision and work ethic.

Learn to control the mind

Roman is a public speaker and motivator who helps people to achieve different things in life. He offers help especially for people who aim to quit smoking. He offers to help smokers quit their habit and start a healthy life with a quick and easy program without wasting more time and money on the problem. He promises a solution to even the most difficult cases of long-time smokers. It is all about controlling the mind: Roman offers also anti-stress training workshops for those who need help with managing the daily stress of work and other things.

We welcomed Roman on the rainy Saturday evening to present his talk titled The Power of Mind including interesting views about strong forces in the human body, how thoughts affect us and how our beliefs can limit us as well as help us make a breakthrough and achieve the things we are striving for.

 BB Mastermind Roman talking 2
Credit: Ciku Peppe

Belief is important

Roman talked about the four pillars that are important in life: value system, belief, strategies and behavior. These four things should be in balance in order for us to achieve things in life and succeed. A good strategy will not work without belief and the other way around. “Life is just like calculation, there are steps which we need to accomplish to get to another lever”, Roman says. These talks about beliefs and how our way of thinking affects our lives evoked comments and interesting conversation among the audience.

Talking about limiting beliefs, Roman asked us what goals we have in our lives. He told us how important it is to tell yourself each day that you are able to do these things you dream about - to remind yourself about your goals every day will help you to achieve them. These interesting topics got all of us thinking and debating!

 BB Mastermind Roman audience
Credit: Ciku Peppe

After the talk we sat down to enjoy the products from our BIG BERRY partners: we had delicious traditional bread Pogača from Domače dobrote Mojca, salami and cheese from Kmetija Totter, cookies from Domačija Šrajf, beer from Pivovarna Vizir and wine from Kmetija Šuklje.

Next BB Mastermind

Who will be our next BIG BERRY Mastermind of the 2018 season? BIG BERRY is looking forward to welcome the 8th Mastermind to talk about their work.

To be continued…