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2nd BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018: Alex Lan

Credit: BBteam

The Key of Success

On the 13th May, we were pleased to welcome the inspiring Alex Lan our 2nd Mastermind event at BIG BERRY Kolpa RiverResort. He visited to us with his energetic spirit to talk about the key to success.

Originally, Alex comes from the region of Bela Krajina. He left in 1993 to go to college in Ljubljana. Today, he is still living there. For the past 25 years, he has been working as an entrepreneur with small and large companies, offering trainings through which he helps people find and reach their real potential. He continues to host a lot of seminars across Slovenia.

"Find your passion and create a business model around it"

Mastermind Alex Lan 6
Credit: BBteam

Mastermind Alex Lan 4

His experience in coaching saw him with receive several awards from his business partners. Indeed, Alex has also been rewarded by many companies for having inspired them and he is known to be an excellent speaker and coach. He spoke several times in front of thousands of people.

During his talk, Alex began to define what can be an obstacle to success. He used the example of ‘the small voice’ in our head who tends to make us feel uncertain and doubtful. For him, there are many solutions to get us out of this ‘mediocrity’. First, we must find our passion, something that makes us full of energy. And how do we achieve that? We need to go beyond our comfort zone. Alex insisted on making new connections to find, share and develop our passion.

"The results are not depending on me, but on you! How much energy you will put in this process?"

Then, we should look for where our strongest feelings come from. What are the things we are grateful for and why? Furthermore, our vision of things must also  be different so we can discover a new viewpoint and put things into perspective. For him, the formula of success is the combination between our thoughts and our feelings which would help us to take actions to get results. “The results are not depending on me, but on you! How much energy you will put in this process?”. During this talk, Alex encouraged us to stimulate ourselves to get better results which will be very helpful in the future.

"My experience at BIG BERRY is unique and crazy, because of this natural environment which release a lot of energy!"

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Credit: BBteam

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3rd BIG BERRY Mastermind

Tomaž Aupič will be our third BBmastermind of the season 2018. We are pleased to welcome him on 17 May. This business partner and project manager at STARMAT advertising agency will talk about a topic “From designer to sales”.

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