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1st BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018: Martina Simonič

 Credit: BB team

Leadership - How you do anything is how you do everything 

On the 5th May 2018, Mastermind Talks of 2018 BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort began with the smiling and energetic Martina Simonič who comes from Slovenia and is an artist, a business owner and an executive coach.

Because of her international experience in coaching, her motto is: "To inspire the best in you because I believe that the best thing that we can give to the world is to live in it with our full potential."

"I wanted to talk about leadership because we are all leaders in our lives"

BBpeople Mastermind Martina Simonic 1 BBpeople Mastermind Martina Simonic 2

Credit: BB team 

Before she became an artist and a coach, Martina had studied to be a teacher for children in nursery and primary school. She worked for 6 years as a teacher in Primorska. After that, she went to England to be the co-owner of Suportal Ltd, a coaching company. Apart from that, she started a new project gathering art & design as well as coaching. Four years later, she went back to Slovenia to officially start her own business, 8Shadows, which focuses on coaching, developing workshops, designing new art concepts and organizing many creative events for both adults and children.

"I loved the mural paintings on the houses. It shows the involvement of the BIG BERRY’s community to make great this lovely place"

"Many people think that we need to be artists to be creative, but we use creativity in many different areas of our lives.". Martina coaches people who are in search of themselves and those who don’t believe that they are creative. By organizing creative events, she aims to get people’s confidence back and to help them find their passion. She gained her experience on various seminars and workshops abroad, such as Landmark Forum in London, which is known for its unique and intense programme. She also assisted teams for a few years.

"Her motto is : "To inspire the best in you (...)"

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Credit: BB team

"I wanted to talk about leadership because we are all leaders of our lives."During the first mastermind event, Martina talked about Leadership - How you do anything is how you do everything. In several points, she showed that everybody can find their own leadership in their everyday life. Making the talk more interactive, she first asked "what leadership means to us?" and invited the audience to share their experiences on the subject. Then, she described main characteristics of a successful leader and emphasized our purpose: "What do you stand for?" Her conclusion involved the limitation of our own beliefs, where she explained how they’re stopping us from being active. "To be successful in life means to be authentic and to follow our largest passions in life."

2nd BIG BERRY Mastermind :

On the 13th May, Alex Lan will come to BIG BERRY Kolpa Resort to be our 2nd Mastermind. As President of Sun of Art and defenser of selfdeveloppement, he works to promote the Energy Art. Well-known and rewarded for his speech skills he will lead the talk about "Your Key to Success".

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