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11th BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018 Jure Jeraj

On Friday 27
th of July it was time for another special evening at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort as we welcomed our 11th Mastermind of the 2018 season, Jure Jeraj! Jure came on a special day of the lunar eclipse to give a lecture about meditating on twin hearts and to teach it to us in practice.

“I want to help others to become better people”

Jure Jeraj is a practitioner of Arhatic Yoga, a sport manual therapist and a pranic healer. He is working as an ambassador of Institute for Inner Studies INC for Slovenia and he organizes the Pranic Healing courses in Slovenia. As a hobby, he practices Arhatic Yoga. Jure started his career as a professional athlete and gained more than 16 years of international experience. He has done a lot of research about various systems and methods of personal growth and development in areas such as sports, healthy diet, energy healing and meditation.

BB Mastermind Jure Jeraj meditating alone

BB Mastermind Jure Jeraj Meditation 2

For Jure, the motivation for his job comes from helping others and serving humanity. He really enjoys to support others to become better people, to grow and develop their life paths. In his words, ‘as we give and share generously and abundantly, our life is blessed with great prosperity’. It is important to spread great and healthy energy around and to participate in making the world better.

“It is in giving that we receive”

On a sunny Friday afternoon, we all gathered on the terrace of BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort to listen to Jure’s talk. He first gave us a brief presentation on what the meditation on twin hearts even is. Meditation on twin hearts is known as meditation for inner peace and illumination. It is an advanced meditation technique that aims to achieve illumination and universal consciousness and to seek inner peace, tranquility and bliss.

BB Mastermind Jure Jeraj presentation

BB Mastermind Jeraj meditation

After learning about the twin hearts meditation and its techniques, we all gathered in the shadows of the beautiful oaks at the end of the resort for some meditation exercises. We did simple exercises of pranic breathing, meditation on twin hearts and for in the end some short self-massage. After the practice we saw many happy and relaxed faces!

Jure found the BB Mastermind project a great platform to spread knowledge, skills and tools with which people can help themselves. After the exercises, we all gathered by the BB Barbeque house. We sat and talked while enjoying our BIG BERRY partner’s products: traditional Pogača from Domače dobrote Mojca and delicious Berry Ghee from Zlati Ghee. We created a very cozy atmosphere with Zlati Ghee’s candles and sweet scented natural essential oils from Berryshka.

BB Mastermind Jure pogaca ghee

BB Mastermind jure ghee berryshka

Next BB Mastermind

BIG BERRY is looking forward to welcome its 12th Mastermind of the 2018 season. Who will it be?
To be continued...