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10th BIG BERRY Mastermind 2018 Emi Fujisawa & Vita Ivičić

On Monday 23th of July it was time for another special Mastermind event at BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort! For the first time ever, we combined two awesome BIG BERRY projects: BB Design Year and BB Mastermind as we welcomed our two fashion designers, Emi Fujisawa and Vita Ivičić to become the 10
th Mastermind of the 2018 season!

Vita and Emi are both textile designers and artists who share the love for all things natural: they use natural materials, dye with natural colors and always search for new traditional, natural materials and textiles from all over the world.



"We can learn new things from the past. That is the base for my work"

Vita is our local designer from Bela krajina who creates beautiful prints with different flowers, berries and plants. She creates slow fashion with traditional techniques and her work is mostly inspired by nature, flowers and vintage textiles.

Emi, originally from Japan but based in England, is specialized in hand weaving and natural dyeing. Her work was mostly influenced by Wabi-Sabi, an ancient Japanese philosophy deriving from Zen Buddhism that focuses on accepting the imperfect and transient nature of life. Emi has a special connection with Slovenia as she has came here multiple times to work on different projects with Vita.



"I’m happy to share our technique for natural dyeing and to work with local people here"

On Monday afternoon we all gathered on the main terrace of the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort for a natural dyeing workshop with Vita and Emi! The day before, Emi and Vita had boiled some BIG BERRY notebook covers in hibiscus tea for an hour and left them to soak to get an intense violet color. After soaking, the covers were washed in the cold water of Kolpa river to finish the dyeing.

Vita and Emi had prepared a table full of different materials that we used to decorate our notebook covers to be more special. They had picked flowers and some berries from our own BIG BERRY plantation to give inspiration for decorating the covers. With the help of our awesome masterminds, we all got very creative turning the covers into unique pieces of art!

Next BB Mastermind

Our 11th Mastermind, Jure Jeraj, will arrive to BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort on Friday, July 27th. Jure Jeraj is a practitioner of Arhatic Yoga and he is known as a great sport manual therapist, who has been researching and practicing various systems and methods of personal growth and development. He is going to hold a very special Mastermind session under total lunar eclipse!